Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Room at the Top casting, British Nude Scene of the Year nominations

The cast for the BBC4 adaptation of Room at the Top has been announced, with Maxine Peake and Jenna Louise Coleman as the two female leads. Peake's character, Alice, is in most of the sex scenes in the book.

The best the last episode of Any Human Heart could manage was Cristina Catalina braless in a semi-seethrough teeshirt.  That's probably it for TV nudity this year.  A tradition of the old Best Possible Taste blog was to run a British Nude Scene of the Year poll at the end of the year, so I've put together a list of all the eligible scenes I'm aware of.  All these scenes have been shown on TV or are are clips from films that have been posted online for the first time during 2010.  You should be able to find them in at least one of the places in the Links section.  I've noted what's on view in the scene (tits, arse or frontal).

 If you've any other scenes that should be added to the list, post details in the comments or email me.

Gemma Arterton, The Disappearance of Alice Creed (t, a)
Gemma Atkinson, Boogie Woogie (t)
Rebecca Atkinson, Shameless (t, a)
Kacey Barnfield, Lake Placid 3 (t, a)
Emily Beecham, Pulse (t, a)
Esme Bianco, Any Human Heart (t)
Eva Birthistle, Five Daughters (t)
Kelly Brook, Piranha (t, a, f)
Fiona Button, Lip Service (a)
Tamsin Egerton, (t)
Alice Eve, Sex and the City 2 (see-through t)
Susannah Fielding, (a, semi f)
Laura Fraser, Lip Service (a, f)
Ruta Gedmintas, Lip Service (t, a)
Lucy Gordon, Gainsbourg (a)
Holliday Grainger, Above Suspicion (t)
Holliday Grainger, Any Human Heart (a)
Emily Hamilton, Perfect Life (a, f)
Rosamund Hanson, This is England '86 (t)
Sofia Hayat, Jonathan Creek (t)
Joanna Higson, Shameless (t)
Sinead Keenan, Being Human (a)
Joanne King, The Tudors (t, a)
Ashley Madekwe, Secret Diary of a Call Girl (t)
Anna Madeley, The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (t)
Vicky McClure, This is England '86 (t)
Neve McIntosh, Salvage (t, f)
Roxanne McKee, Lip Service (a)
Pauline McLynn, Shameless (t, a)
Tamzin Merchant, The Tudors (t, a)
Lisa Millett, The Pillars of the Earth (t)
Helen Mirren, Love Ranch (t)
Naoko Mori, Lennon Naked (t, a, f)
Wunmi Mosaku, Father and Son (t)
Carey Mulligan, The Greatest (t)
Kimberley Nixon, Cherrybomb (t)
Natasha O'Keeffe, Lip Service (t)
Roxanne Pallett, Lake Placid 3 (t, a, f)
Heather Peace, Lip Service (t, a)
Maxine Peake, The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (t)
Amanda Ryan, Midsomer Murders (t)
Kate Sissons, Pimp (t)
India Wadsworth, Lip Service (t)
Niky Wardley, Shameless (t)
Kierston Wareing, Fish Tank (t, f)
Kierston Wareing, Bonded By Blood (t)
Shanika Warren-Markland, (t)
Naomi Watts, Mother and Child (t, f)
Rachel Weisz, Agora (t, a)
Lydia Wilson, Any Human Heart (t, a)


  1. Do you reckon that was Laura Fraser showing her own muff or a merkin? Guess she was pretty hairy the last time she showed her muff too. Don't know whatever is wrong with her boobs that makes her so shy to show them.

    I think my vote will be between Kelly Brook and Roxanne Pallett.

  2. Finally some good nudity news.

    Holiday Grainger and Ruta Gedamintas are topless in the trailer for [b]The Borgias[/b].

    Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s40diPIX-cU&feature=player_embedded
    As far as I can identify:
    0.10, 1.28 - Lotte Verbeek
    2.43 - Holliday Grainger
    3.03 - Ruta Gedamintas
    1.14 - unknown

    The one I'd love to see nude is Montserrat Lombard.

  3. Laura Fraser's never been shy about showing her muff, she showed her boobs (but covered with blood so hard to see much) in Divorcing Jack and in Left Luggage (a very brief full frontal). Nothing wrong with them at all so I've always found it disappointing she's avoided more.

    Good news about Holliday Grainger and I definitely agree about Montserrat Lombard.

    BPT's blog always allowed five votes in Nude Scene of the Year. I'd like to do the same but the poll gadget on Blogspot allows voters to choose one or to choose an unlimited number. Does anyone have any idea about how to change this?