Thursday, 24 November 2011

Janet McTeer topless clip from Albert Nobbs online, new BBC co-productions

Clips of Janet McTeer topless in Albert Nobbs are up in the usual places.

The BBC have announced two new series with American co-productions. Wolf Hall is an adaptation of a historical novel about Thomas Cromwell, a minister of Henry VIII. I've not read the book so don't know what potential there will be for nudity but HBO try to fit it in when they can. It's not in production yet so no cast details.

Nemesis is a new suspense thriller. It's a co-production with the Cinemax channel (also part of HBO), which is nicknamed Skinemax and was responsible for the gratuitous nudity in the second series of Strike Back. Nemesis's female lead is Australian actress Melissa George, Morven Christie is the only other actress named so far.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Clips online with nudity from Heida Reed from One Day, Hannah Ware from Boss episode 5

Two new clips are up in the usual places.

One Day is a film that is best known for the strange casting of Anne Hathaway as a woman from Yorkshire. Hathaway has a brief nude scene, Heida Reed shows her arse and UpcomingNudeScenes also lists a brief boob shot but I can't make out a nipple.

Hannah Ware had a brief but better lit topless scene in the fifth episode of Boss.

Readers with an interest in actresses from the past should check out the TV Shows With Topless Scenes thread on the Vintage Erotica Forum. There are loads of clips of well known and obscure British actresses on there and many new sets of clips are being uploaded at the moment.

Friday, 18 November 2011

No British nudity in The Slap, BBFC ratings for The Iron Lady and We'll Take Manhattan

I posted about The Slap a few weeks ago and it's been a series with plenty of nudity but not from the British actresses. Episode 4 was on BBC4 tonight and Sophie Lowe had some sexy scenes but no nudity. Episode 7 was shown in Australia this week and contained the best chances for nudity from Sophie Okenedo but nothing was on show.

The BBFC have listed brief nudity from a new film, The Iron Lady, which opens in early January. The film is about the life of Margaret Thatcher and Meryl Streep is the lead but more interestingly, the young Maggie is played by Alexandra Roach (a regular in Candy Cabs and Sasha the zombie in the last series of Being Human). The brief nudity will probaby be a bloke mooning.

The DVD of We'll Take Manhattan (with Karen Gillan) is also going through the BBFC but they've only cleared extras so far. The commentary has been given a 15 certificate (I think that commentaries are rated by the visual as well as the audio) so I'm hoping there are sex scenes.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

New BBFC classifications, Love Lifes update

Wreckers (with Claire Foy) has received a 15 certificate for sex from the BBFC. So did How To Stop Being A Loser, which opened at the weekend with the lead actresses being Gemma Atkinson, Stephanie Leonidas, Sheridan Smith and Adele Silver. I've not seen any nudity reports for it.

I've posted about the BBC's Love Life several times, to confuse things ITV have also announced a series called Love Life. Kaya Scodelario was on the interview circuit for Wuthering Heights and talked about her role in the BBC series. She said that the relationship between her and Billie Piper's characters is shown in a non-sexual way. ITV's series is a romantic comedy drama starring Andrea Lowe and Sophie Thompson.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Jo Hartley, Hannah Ware, Keira Knightley clip news

Jo Hartley flashed a nipple from the side in a shower scene in episode 2 of The Jury on ITV1 last week. No clips have shown up yet. Hannah Ware was very briefly (and dimly lit) topless again in episode 4 of Boss, clips are online in the usual places. Also online, a camera copy clip of Keira Knightley topless in A Dangerous Method clip.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Imogen Thomas in likely nudity shock

I wouldn't normally mention reality stars or models but apparently Imogen Thomas is moving into acting and, according to newspaper reports today, she's to star as a sex addict in an upcoming film called Extreme. The reports suggest the film will be sexy so hopefully some established actresses will have interesting roles in it as well.

No nudity but nice lezzing in Misfits episode 2

Hannah Britland's first scene in the second episode of Misfits ended with her taking her clothes off and the camera pointing away from anything interesting so it wasn't much of a surprise when she kept her underwear on for her sex scenes. She shared some nice lezzing scenes with Kehinde Fadipe to make up for it but Fadipe stayed clothed as well.

I've seen a review of a production of The Blue Room which Britland played the model in (the character that is usually naked) and it says she kept her underwear on so it looks like she's not willing to show anything. Shame, she's gorgeous.

Christina De Vallee topless in Unhappy Birthday

Christina De Vallee is topless in a film called Unhappy Birthday which leaked on the web this week. She's topless in a few scenes in the first half of the film, in some graphic scenes with lots of close ups and movement. No clips online yet.

Also graphic, thanks to the commenter who posted a screengrab that showed that Nathalie Emmanuel's nudity in Misfits episode 1 included a very brief full frontal shown from the back.

The trailer for Wreckers has been released and it makes it looks like Claire Foy will have several sex scenes but won't have any nudity.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hannah Ware topless in Boss episode 3

Hannah Ware was topless in episode 3 of Boss, clips are in the usual forums.

An interview with Pollyanna McIntosh suggests there's a lot of sex and nudity for her character in a film called Headspace. EDIT. I misread the interview and this isn't a new film. Thanks to the commenter who pointed this out.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Lucy Griffiths to be regular in True Blood

Former Maid Marion Lucy Griffiths has avoided nudity in the past but here's some interesting news. She's signed up for a series regular in the next series of True Blood and the casting call states possible nudity.

The down side is the word "possible" in that sentence, but I doubt they'll have cast someone who said she wasn't willing.